Paolo Zerbini
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Paolo Zerbini
Qui siamo alla trasmissione  VIAGGIO IN LIGURIA

Qui siamo alla trasmissione " VIAGGIO IN LIGURIA "

del 24 Ottobre 2012 su Primocanale.

Here we are in the TV program  " VIAGGIO IN LIGURIA ", 24th October 2012 on Primocanale. 

It’s one of the most followed live TV program in which also other illustrious guests participated, including the deputy mayor of Bergeggi and, as for the gastronomy, the famous Bruxaboschi restaurant, which delighted us with its succulent food!

We played some tracks of our CD " DUE VIOLINI PER SOGNARE... "

It was a very good night and the show was hosted in a exemplary way, professionally and nicely, by PAOLO ZERBINI.