Libertango in Piazza. Flash mob.
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Libertango in Piazza. Flash mob.





Genoese audience has always known them: they have been sat at the first music stands of the first violins in Carlo Felice Orchestra since 1985. Loris and Manrico Cosso, the twin brothers of the violin bow, are now a “reference point” in this theatre. Trained under the tutelage of Renato De Barbieri, first at N. PAGANINI Conservatoire in Genoa, then at the MOZARTEUM in Salzburg, the Cosso brothers always enjoy in playing music.
They are part of various ensembles and they are constantly open to different artistic experiences.
A curious CD, entitled “DUE VIOLINI PER SOGNARE” arose from their unique understanding and unexceptionable taste in music.
“The idea – explain the artists – came from two reasons: first of all the common intention of arranging famous music pieces of different genres for two violins. The second one is our friends’ request to play pieces that could satisfy different tastes”. So here is the CD, where we find Mozart (first movement from “Eine Kleine Nachtmusik”), Haydn (Duet op.99), Morricone (“Once upon a time in the West”), Johann Strauss (“Voices of Spring” and “An der schònen blauen Donau”), Nino Rota (“The Godfather”), Lehar (“The Merry Widow”), Riz Ortolani (“Fratello sole, sorella luna”) and in the end, the lively “Czarda” by Monti and the nostalgic Genoese touch of “Ma se ghe penso”.
Only two are the original duets, the rest is proficiently rewritten by the two Cossos who give back all the pieces with brilliance and delight.

                                                                                              Translated from Roberto Iovino’s article